L.A. Drone School story…

With people from all walks of life getting involved and FAA regulations still highly influenced by drone media news coverage, getting trained is the key to a safe and successful experience, critical to ensuring this amazing technology is here to stay. Conceived by two of the most respected and knowledgeable leaders in the industry we are passionate about your success. From the basics to the extreme, our instructors have distilled down decades of experience into the fundamental skills and core principals needed to bypass years of frustration. Our goal is to help you avoid costly mistakes and preserve the future of the industry so we can all continue to enjoy it.


Generations to come


Radio control models have captivated and thrilled children and adults of all ages for decades. Before radio control existed, the pleasure and relaxation associated with building your model to completion was where relationships and lasting memories between parents and children were cultivated and forged. Radio control eventually brought these models to life. Being able to drive or fly the models which were built will so much pride, spawned a revolution.


Today’s models are more technologically advanced and higher in performance than many of us ever dreamed possible. Battery technology redefined our industry making it more enjoyable for newcomers and revitalizing the passion of those who remember the way it used to be. As lower cost pre built models hit the market, many have never experienced the joy and skill that come from assembly.


There are limitless uses for this new technology. With recreational and commercial use of drones expected to grow exponentially, people from all walks of life are looking to be part of the action or even turn it into an exciting and lucrative career.

Unlike radio control cars, however, drones pose unique challenges.


At LADS we understand what it takes to be successful with aerial flight, image capture and data collection. As professional builders, pilots and photographers, our curriculum is based on years of experience in the field. We know what it is like to be both a newbie and seasoned professional, so our course offerings are diverse and specifically designed to help you be confident and skillful at whatever level you are at. Whether you have yet to fly a drone, are a seasoned UAV pro, or somewhere in between – LA Drone School is your opportunity to learn from the best in the industry so you can have more successful flights, achieve your goals, and enjoy doing it.



LA Drone School: Confidence – Skill – Success


Q. Will I be certified after I complete a course?

A. Since no FAA regulations currently exist regarding certification criteria, certifications or license’s of any kind from any school are not accredited or backed by the FAA.

Q. If none of the training available from any school can provide me with a license or certification, why would I take the class?

A. A crash can easily cost you thousands of dollars or put others at risk. Training at LADS will help you prevent these costly mistakes and equip you with the knowledge we believe you’ll need to get certified and licensed once the regulations are criteria are defined.

Q. Is LADS licenses or certified by the FAA to teach?

A. Yes. We have acquired a 333 exception by the FAA specifically for drone training. Our instructors are real pilots, photographers, cinematographers and commercial heavy lift builders.

Q. Are your classes only for people looking to take photos or video?

A. Absolutely no. Our classes are structured to cover the use of drones for all the most valuable uses both recreational and commercial.

Q. I’ve been flying for a while and feel like I know a lot. Would I really benefit from your courses?

A Absolutely. Our advanced classes go deep into not only the listed topics, but also some countless real world lessons to help you avoid mistakes that even seasoned pilots make.

While we have classes designed for beginners, our advanced courses are intended for those looking to master the art in the shortest period imaginable. Our courses dynamically change with the technology so you can be sure you’ll learn the most relevant and useful information.